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Our Production

Our production

 All of our production is made by a professional Belgian lab. We consciously choose for a small(er) family business with the highest quality standards we have seen in our comprehensive search.

Our material

Ecoboard, as the name suggests, is an eco-friendly cardboard material. The product is increasingly popular amongst our customers, not just because it’s sustainable but because the material is amazing to print on.
The smooth, low-reflecting surface provides a perfect qualitative image reproduction, with high gloss contrast.
The virgin fibres in the Ecoboard ensure that it does not break under pressure. Our special hanging system at the back prevents any form of bending.  

Green and durable

Next to the amazing print quality the issue of sustainability is (maybe even more) important to us. Ecoboard contains no harmful components and utilizes water-based adhesives. The board can be recycled as paper in normal waste paper streams found throughout the world.